Photos from Ashesi Career Fair 2013

Today the Ashesi career fair took place. It was a big event with more than 60 employers visiting the campus. There were roll ups and folders and chocolates and CVs and students in business wear and public announcements and handshakes and business cards and elevator pitches and cameras and even Selma was there! 

I think what impresses me most with this event is how involved our students are, all 500 of them. This is not just for the soon-to-be-graduates, but freshmen volunteer as hosts for the visitors, students MC the event, students learn about where the might want to go in the future or where they can get an internship.

That engagement and apparent student ownership of the event makes me think it was a useful day for all!

IMG_3558 IMG_3541 IMG_3544 IMG_3545 IMG_3546 IMG_3534 IMG_3537 IMG_3539 IMG_3540 IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3531

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My Fall 2012 at Ashesi: Teaching Communication

This fall, I am teaching two classes, Written and Oral Communication and Text and Meaning. Both classes are part of Ashesi University College’s liberal arts core and both are offered to our first year students.

I really enjoy teaching these communications classes and have together with my colleagues Kobby and Frimpong created two intense syllabi full of writing assignments, readings and speeches/presentations. We are for instance reading Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s shortstory A Private Experience, doing a speech in the Ghana Decides Tag series style to be presented in video format and doing free-writing almost every class! We will also go for study visits, have guest-speakers and write a final paper!

My students are all really cool, lively and talented and have already amazed and inspired me, I also work with a fun and helpful team – hence I am looking forward to an intense semester of communication!

Collage made with Pixlr.

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Back in Ghana

Our daughter is now 13,5 months and everyday with her is like a month. She learns a lot, she is so funny and also runs around with a speed that makes me feel tired after just a few minutes. I have been asked how she dealt with the travel this summer.

The answer is that she took it very well even though we visited many new places and people. We were on the road for a month, and upon our return to Ghana she needed just a couple of days before she was fully reintegrated into Ghanaian everyday life, see below!

Click on pic to see it in full!

Edited with Pixlr.

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New Semester, New Look, New Gravatar

Here I am again (after a splendid summer, but that is another post).  As I am returning to this space, I decided to renew the look slightly on the blog. How I did it?

1. I opened Pixlr Express.

2.Played around with the photo I took of my recent passport photos.

3. To match the new look on my blog, I also changed my gravatar.

Now it is left with the small avatar called favicon that sits on the URL line, I just can’t remember how I got it there!

I guess that means I really have relaxed my brain during the summer…


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Passport Photos in Ghana

In Ghana, you always need passport photos. You need them at the bank, at your workplace, to get your health insurance, for all educational applications and of course at Immigration.  

Often you need two photos, or sometimes three. So when you go do passport photos at the photographer, the normal deal is no less than eight photos!

Can you believe my 11 month-old daughter already have a pile of her own photos? Anyways, I recently ran out of my own passport photos and went to do another bunch. Yep, eight little Kajsa’s (for 6GHC or 3 USD) are now in my pocket (and illustrating this post).

Oh, no wait! Already, the photos are down to seven!


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Blogs I Read: Nana Kofi Acquah – Africaphotographer

In this series, I am recommending my favorite blogs. This week, I’d like to share with you Nana Kofi Acquah and his blog: Africaphotographer

My friend and BloggingGhana member Nana Kofi calls himself a “storytelling photographer”, a description that is spot on. Maybe with the addition of “one of the best photographers in West Africa”.  Nana Kofi is not your ordinary camera guy as he was an English major in university, worked as a writer and only later took up photography. This makes for an individual who’s aim is to tell a story, choice of medium is secondary. Many times this interestingly leads to extraordinarily beautiful frames, often with movement in them, full of humor, highlights that grab your attention, or in the studio shoots a quiet – almost meditation like – stillness much more than a “frozen moment”.

Personally, I appreciate that he is not the kind of photographer that lets his photos alone tell the story. Nana Kofi Acquah does not hesitate to complement his photos with words, expressive titles or even long essays! Many times these words add a distinct political dimension that assures the viewer of that a photo is not decoration. A photo is a story.

An example of such a photo essay is Nana Kofi Acquah’s recent post Africa Will Rise. Africa is Rising.


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Blogs I Read: 3 Swedish Blog Entrepreneurs

Underbara Clara

Clara is THE blogger in Sweden. She is typically Swedish in that she loves nature and works with media. Some of her topics seem contradictory, but Underbara Clara ties them together in a “modern Swedish media mother”-kind of way.

Keywords: Feminist, recipes and fashion, sustainable living, children, countryside.











Elsa Billgren

If Underbara Clara represents Swedishness and everyday living in the countryside, Elsa Billgren blogging for Swedish Elle, is her opposite. Her life embodies glamour. It is high heels, restaurant brunches, downtown apartments and beautiful friends.

Keywords: Champagne, Oysters, Vintage shopping, Stockholm by night and red lipstick.












Lisa Bjärbo is an author, something-in-publishing, a vegetarian and a mother of two and her blog is about all of that. With humor!

Keywords: Children, books, freelance, whats-for-dinner, irony.











Photography plays an important role in the three blogs discussed above and serves as inspiration for us who reads their blogs religiously. These blogs are extremely popular in Sweden and these entrepreneurs makes a living off their blogs, either through adverts on the blog and/or the branding she creates for herself through her blog – with spinn-offs like books, magazine articles, radio shows, TV appearances etc.

Reading their well-written, beautiful and entrepreneurial blogs provide the best possible dream-away-kind-of-entertainment for this blogger in Ghana!

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Chale Wote 2012 in Photos

I took my daughter and two friends to the Chale Wote street art festival. From the youngest (9 months) to the eldest (40ish) in my little group, we had a lovely afternoon, complete with running into friends, making some new ones and for lunch we were invited to a local funeral!

Everywhere you could see artsy types with cameras and I was proudly one of them. This is what I snapped:

Also read about Last year’s Chale Wote festival.

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