Blogs I Read: Nana Kofi Acquah – Africaphotographer

In this series, I am recommending my favorite blogs. This week, I’d like to share with you Nana Kofi Acquah and his blog: Africaphotographer

My friend and BloggingGhana member Nana Kofi calls himself a “storytelling photographer”, a description that is spot on. Maybe with the addition of “one of the best photographers in West Africa”.  Nana Kofi is not your ordinary camera guy as he was an English major in university, worked as a writer and only later took up photography. This makes for an individual who’s aim is to tell a story, choice of medium is secondary. Many times this interestingly leads to extraordinarily beautiful frames, often with movement in them, full of humor, highlights that grab your attention, or in the studio shoots a quiet – almost meditation like – stillness much more than a “frozen moment”.

Personally, I appreciate that he is not the kind of photographer that lets his photos alone tell the story. Nana Kofi Acquah does not hesitate to complement his photos with words, expressive titles or even long essays! Many times these words add a distinct political dimension that assures the viewer of that a photo is not decoration. A photo is a story.

An example of such a photo essay is Nana Kofi Acquah’s recent post Africa Will Rise. Africa is Rising.


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  1. Dear Kajsa, thank you so much for recommending my blog here. I appreciate it and your pioneering GhanaBlogging. It has brought me in touch with so many amazing bloggers, including your good self over the years. Thank you and keep up the good work.