Welcome to My New Blog!

Finally! Today I am moving (or should I say “launching”?) my new blog on wordpress and introducing you, my dear reader, to a new blogging concept. You will recognize much from Rain in Africa (I have imported all the posts, the headings of imported posts are marked “>”), but in this space I’d like to expand and give you

-More personal stories (on Me , myself and I)
-More work related stories (teaching and PhD/ migration research)
-More critical stories
-More international stories
-More of my favorite reads, links and resources.

To underline that the new blog is more personal, I’ve decided to “do an AtoKD” and simply give my new blog my name plus initials = Kajsa H.A. resulting in the web address https://kajsaha.com (please bookmark it and change eventual links!)

Thanks for reading my blog and I’d love to read your comments on my new blog!

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  1. So I’ll sign up here to follow you! Good luck and look forward to keeping in touch with things Ghanaian and hope there will be lots of good and cheery material as well!

  2. Thanks Oluniyi – much of this blog up and running is thanks to you!
    @Miss F. Thanks for the follow, hope many of my loyal readers follow. I’ll try to mix the cheery and the more serious.
    @Nina. Ya Yie! Okyna yebehyia!