>PhD News

>Last Friday I got a phone call. It was late in the afternoon and I was in the Accra Mall stocking up for the weekend with a friend. I had to run into a quiet place because I thought I heard something like:


I was right. It was my first call back from the university. The message was short.

Please bring your birth certificate on Monday.

Here I have been waiting since March last year, or at least since November when I did my presentation, to hear back, and now they are giving me a weekend’s notice to produce my birth certificate. BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Well, thanks to Sweden’s excellent governmental ICT services, I was there Monday morning with my certificate. Now it looks like I might be a PhD student very, very soon.

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  1. >Ha, yes and just 3 years from there…if everything goes right!

  2. >Grattis! Finally your persistence is paying off (took them long enough though!).

  3. >Good News, Kajsa.
    I have wondered why it takes forever to get anything and everything done in Ghana. You would think our academia will set a better example on time management for the average Ghanaian. No, they are as wayward as the rest of us.
    You are already on your way towards becoming a professor. First it was Ashesi and now this- a perfect combination I think.
    Bless you, ohemaa!