>Première: Cinderama, the African Cinderella

> Greetings, my people. [..] I have travelled across hills and mountains, crossing streams and rivers, big and small and lakes and forests, thick and thin. [..] I have a good story for you. In facts it is the very reason for my journey…

The National Theatre of Ghana in cooperation with Swedish National Touring Theatre proudly presents:

Cinderama, the African Cinderella

An old tale in a new setting.
A play by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe.
Directed by Fransesca Quartey.

This Saturday the 6 March, 6pm at the National Theatre, Accra (Tickets 20 GHC, minors 10 GHC) you will have a chance to see the play before it goes on tour in Ghana, starting with the Volta region.

The play is a family play with lots of music and I am totally excited about seeing a Swedish-Ghanaian collaboration on Ghanaian soil.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. >I happen to see the Commercial of this Event on TV a few minutes ago whiles having lunch. Even though, I'm undecided about where to go over the weekend, I would consider tis option somehow.. Nice post..!

  2. >Thanks for sharing the details, Kajsa. I look forward to seeing it. I liked this Efo Mawugbe guy. I'd love to meet him. I'm secretly hoping I'll get my chance when I go to see the play. Fingers crossed.

  3. >Raine and MJ – hoping to see you there.

    Nana and Esi – hope you get to see "your man" there! (I hope to see you too, of course!)

  4. Kajsa, thanks so much for what you have done for the CINDERAMA in particular and Ghanaian Arts in general. I really appreciate it. May be one of these days you and i need to meet and chat avbout othet things. My name is EFO KODJO MAWUGBE

  5. Thanks Uncle Mawugbe for your very kind comments. You know I loved the Cinderama script! Yes, maybe one day we need to meet up. I’ll email you!

  6. kudos, Kajsa, for getting recognised from Efo Mawugbe himself! The guy really is great. On TV3’s “Ghana’s Most Beautiful” series, he always had very useful comments to make. He was also good in Shirley Frimpong-Mansoh’s “SCORNED”!!

  7. @EK, yes, that was indeed a highlight of my lovely blog comments so far! Thanks for noticing 🙂