Two books on my List: Ghana Must Go and Americanah

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I always come back to reading. Recently most often on a Kindle as I adore new fiction and with a Kindle get my fix in seconds after pushing the button! Buy! (I also love that I get a sample of every book, by the first couple of pages you just know, you know?) This month, I plan to devour these two books.

1. Ghana Must Go by Tayie Selasi

This book has been very hyped, for instance by the Economist, suggesting

“the brouhaha is well deserved. Ms Selasi has an eye for the perfect detail: a baby’s toenails “like dewdrops”, a woman sleeps “like a cocoyam. A thing without senses…unplugged from the world.” As a writer she has a keen sense of the baggage of childhood pain and an unforgettable voice on the page. Miss out on “Ghana Must Go” and you will miss one of the best new novels of the season.”

I like the clever title, the fact that it discusses Ghana in a literary way and the fact that a Ghanaian novelist is hyped! Its exciting. See also, or hear, rather Penguin’s Debut Author Program with an interview with the author. She was also on BBC this morning…Did I say hyped?

2. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

Well, for this book, there has been much less hype than I would have expected. But then again, I am a huge lover of Ngozi Adichie’s literature and have read all her books, hoped to meet her and used some of her novels for teaching, so I might be biased. This book, she promises in a Guardian interview is a “unapologetically old-fashioned love story”. I simply can’t wait!

What books are on your list?