Chale Wote 2012 in Photos

I took my daughter and two friends to the Chale Wote street art festival. From the youngest (9 months) to the eldest (40ish) in my little group, we had a lovely afternoon, complete with running into friends, making some new ones and for lunch we were invited to a local funeral!

Everywhere you could see artsy types with cameras and I was proudly one of them. This is what I snapped:

Also read about Last year’s Chale Wote festival.

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  1. Love the pics. The bulk of it… OK being brutally honest, some did not quite cut it though a few. I came all the way from Akosombo to witness the event. Took a few pics myself.

  2. Hi Thanks for the comment! Yes, these pics are ALL my photos from theday, notnecessaroly the good ones only.

  3. Any idea when to expect another chalewote street art carnival? Heard nothing of another happening this year(2013)