Chale Wote Street Festival in Ghana

At the same time as I am waiting for my life to change here in Sweden, creative friends of mine in Accra under the umbrella “ACCRAdotAlt” (find them here on Facebook) have organized the “Chale Wote Street Festival“.

Chale Wote is the Ghanaian name for the cheap flip-flop that clad many Ghanaian feet. However, the festival was all other than cheap. From the pictures I have seen so far – the best ones you find with Nana Kofi Acquah (like the smashing pic above),  the festival was a meeting opportunity for creative souls like musicians, designers, artists and the local community of James Town in Accra with a beautiful and rich result.

I love events like these as they bring meaning, activity  and fun to peoples’ lives where there before was just business as usual.

UPDATE: See also the festival covered by fellow bloggers Graham, Jemila and Holli.

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  1. Your last comment sums it up. This is the role of artistic activity within the life of, not just Ghanaians, but us all. It is not an optional extra, a luxury to be indulged in, but a core component of the lives of our species.

  2. Hi Graham, that’s right! Thanks for stressing this point. I can only imagine the effect of these pics now flying around the globe, presenting Ghana with big smiles and creativity!