Virtual Outdooring

On Thursday 21st of July, my child was born.

One week after the birth, a Ghanaian traditional welcoming ceremony or outdooring was performed by my husband here in Sweden to welcome our child and introduce her to the world.

It was a beautiful evening (although, according to custom, it should have been performed in the morning). The significance of the event was told to my family and our child got to experience the difference between truth and lie, through tasting opposites such as salty and sweet, water and whiskey(!).  Finally her name was pronounced.

I have since been thinking about what to put here on my blog, how much to disclose, what to say about the miracle that has happened to me and my family. Finally, I thought, let me just outdoor my daughter virtually as well!

So here, I present Selma Miriam Nana Aba to you with some pics from her outdooring ceremony:

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  1. Kajsa (and husband and of course Ms. Selma Miriam Nana Aba herself), congratulations!

    At the moment, I have left Ghana as well and am back in Belgium 🙂

    Thank you for the virtual outdooring, I will take a mineral out of my fridge and drink to her health!

  2. So lovely to see your beautiful family welcoming Selma. And wonderful to read about the origin of all her names – a collection of fine women to carry with her into the world.

  3. Congratulations, Kajsa. Loads of blessings for you, your husband, your new baby and your entire family. As we say, Akwaaba! Aren’t name ceremonies the best?