Is There a Universal Baby Language?

These days, I am spending most my time getting to know my baby and trying to understand what she wants.

In this process, I suddenly remembered watching an Oprah episode a few years back, where a woman claimed to have deciphered the universal “baby language”. According to her, babies have five “words” – they ARE trying to tell you what they want!

Yesterday, I found the clip and tried to watch it. Ironically, my child was trying to “communicate” at that very moment, making it impossible to watch the whole clip. Today, I had better luck.

I’d like to share the clip with you (see above) and know your opinion. Parents, does this seem right? Is there a universal baby language?

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  1. My sister-in-law taught her baby sign language. It was brilliant, giving her daughter language to communicate before she had the words. It overcame a lot of frustration.

  2. Thanks Fiona for your comment on baby sign language. I’ve heard about that, Id love to do it…I guess more posts on communication with “little people” to come 🙂