Blogs I Read: Shiloh /Holli Holdsworth

Looking for an online getaway? Follow blogger extraordinaire, Holli Holdsworth, on the journey of her life (as in she sold it all, bought a boat and will now see the world!)

The blog is SV Shiloh – notes from the boat.

Holli kept a much read blog writing out of Ghana, and in her last post she writes beautifully about her host country for 16 years:

Ghana raised me from the blinding grip of naiveté, helped mold me, open my sheltered eyes, gave me a new world in which to raise a family and learn some heart piercing lessons about love and loss.
Ghana has been everything to me – from a highschool bully to my tour guide, my big sister, a boss you can never quite please.

Let’s see what Holli will say about the world!

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