Blogs I Read: Book Blogs

I love book blogs. For someone who loves reading they are icing on the cake in the best possible way.  They are at times like substitute book clubs, discussing every possible aspect of a piece of literature and at other times, like beautiful notice boards, helping you navigate the depths of information out there.

In Ghana there are two book blogs to “write home” about.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.46.46 PM

1. Accra Books and Things – All Ghanaian literary releases, events and personalities get featured on this blog which also covers library issues and other things you did not know you were interested in!

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 5.41.56 PM

2. Kinna reads

Kinna reads and writes about her readings. She has also introduced me to high tech reading lists, challenges and a host of international, especially African, book blogs.

I am proud to say that both originators are friends of mine and active members of BloggingGhana. Below I caught them at a book event last year, Kinna to the left, Nina slightly further away from the camera.

Ghana book bloggers Kinna and Nina


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Johanna Koljonen: Nordic Media Personality Blogs in English

As someone living abroad, I of course follow many blogs and tweeps for information on what is going on in my native Sweden. Social media is beyond popular in Sweden with fast and accessible broadband and smartphones in almost every pocket.

Sweden has more than 500 000 twitter users for a population of 9 million people (according to #meg13) and I read once that a third of Swedish women 18-30 have a blog!

Not surprisingly, most tweets, blogposts and articles are posted in Swedish and although I adore my mother tongue, it is disappointing to never get to share my Swedish feeds with my  non-Swedish speaking crowds. Then today, I found Johanna Koljonen’s blog. And it is written in English!

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.43.18 PM

  Strictly speaking Koljonen is not Swedish, but Swedish-Finnish and from her blog I learned that she lives in Denmark and has a degree from Oxford. So let me not claim her for Sweden, but rather call her “Nordic”.

Still she is a central media personality in Sweden right now and apart from appreciating her style (girl next door meets thoughtfulness) and interests (literature, sex, popular culture), I really do love that I can share her with you!

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Blogs I Read: Shiloh /Holli Holdsworth

Looking for an online getaway? Follow blogger extraordinaire, Holli Holdsworth, on the journey of her life (as in she sold it all, bought a boat and will now see the world!)

The blog is SV Shiloh – notes from the boat.

Holli kept a much read blog writing out of Ghana, and in her last post she writes beautifully about her host country for 16 years:

Ghana raised me from the blinding grip of naiveté, helped mold me, open my sheltered eyes, gave me a new world in which to raise a family and learn some heart piercing lessons about love and loss.
Ghana has been everything to me – from a highschool bully to my tour guide, my big sister, a boss you can never quite please.

Let’s see what Holli will say about the world!

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