3 Top Beach Weekends in Ghana

3. Kokrobite.  (Big Milly’s)

2. Anomabo. (Anomabo Beach Resort)

1. Axim. (Lou Moon Lodge)

Which is your favorite Ghana beach?

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  1. Hi Camille, you are welcome! I can recommend a breakfast on any of these sweet beaches…

  2. Hej Kajsa.
    I have been on the Anomabo beach and i liked it. Even if I didn`t went in the water (lunch going from Takoradi to Accra). But I’m interested in other beaches around Accra. Do you have any suggestions on top of these three? White sands?

  3. Hi MArtin, yes White sands and other resorts around Senya Bereku are supposed to be nice, I like Kokrobite, very close to Accra. Otherwise, I dont think Accra beaches are too nice beacuse of debree and plastic bags from the city. Enjoy!