Weekend Report including Beach and Wanlov

My weekend, I announced on Twitter on Friday, would be dedicated to sleep, walks on the beach and good food.

It totally was! I slept a lot, walked on the beach BOTH Saturday and Sunday morning (this I believe is a southern Ghanaian luxury everybody that can get up at 6am on a weekend should give in to!) and ate well.

I also went to see Wanlov launch his Brown Card/African Gypsy album. Read Graham’s review here (excerpt below) which I found very insightful and on point!

Working with two Ghanaian musicians and accordion player Jérôme Pierre Soulas and violinist Filippo Bonini Baraldi from Paris, he combined elements of his own quirky Ghanaian style with their ‘gypsy music’. Wanlov’s rather androgynous image and performance style complimented the formality of the Paris musicians.

But did this merging of styles work?

It was Saturday and “everybody” was there.  I even met Wanlov’s mother in the buzz afterwards!

This week it is Mid-Sem “break” aka grading all the way. It is going well, with one or two oxymora drifting by…

Have a good week!

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