One Week to Election Day – Will We Go for a Second Round?

Today, Friday, we are seven days, one week, away from the presidential and parliamentary elections here in Ghana. There is a slight fatigue in the air and I saw one of the most prominent journalists in Ghana say on Twitter he wishes voting can happen early so “it can all be over”.

But of course that will not happen, more likely is that the presidential elections will go to a second round as polls have failed to give any one party a comfortable 50% plus one vote needed for a “one touch” victory. With eight parties contesting the presidency, only a few percentages of votes directed to other parties than the two major parties currently running neck to neck will lead to that no party can secure the votes needed to win. Therefore, I say we will go for a second round. That second round will then take place on the 28th of December.

What do you think?

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  1. There have been quite a few of polls some saying the NPP will and the others for the NDC. The lasest poll by Ben Ephson, the most accurate in the past, say the NDC will win with 52% of the vote with a margin of error of 2%. If this is to be believed then the elections will be one “touch”. But like you suggested I feel the election will go second round.