Autumnal Equinox, Plenty Wahala and Orange Moon

When life spins to fast, piles are gathering and there is plenty wahala it helps to remember how small we are. Not in a bad way, not small-insignificant, just small-relatively…I think you know what I mean…

I like to look at the sky – moon and stars – to calm me down. The whole thing started with a visit to the Ghana Planetarium. (Or maybe it has always been with me? )

Today, I was informed by a friend from the planetarium that we are approaching the autumnal equinox that comes with a special moon, sometimes called the harvest moon. However, I din’t really see it. I stayed until late in town, lights everywhere (I believe they call it “light pollution”) and I could not quite figure out if we in the southern hemisphere really see the same thing, plus it was cloudy. So I went for Erykah Badu‘s Orange moon instead.

How good it is…

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  1. Below appeared on the Bradt Update Site-
    “We are the Directors of Ghana Planetarium which is on page 138 of the Bradt Ghana guide edition 5.

    There is some wording which appears to be slightly misleading to readers. Some visitors have misunderstood the C60 charge. I would like to clarify the charges for your website update.

    Groups are charged per person at C5 (5 Ghana Cedis) for an adult and C3 (3 Ghana Cedis) for a child.
    (About 40 adults or 60 primary school children can be accommodated at a session)

    The minimum charge of C60 Ghana Cedis applies to a small family group (for example, a family of two parents and three children).

    I hope this is clearer, as some visitors seem to have misunderstood “minimum cost” as being the maximum charge for 40 people.

    We are enjoying reading the Bradt Guide to Ghana and our recent visitors from the UK found it very useful.

    Jacob and Jane Ashong”