Today Afrika 2010 Starts

Afrika 2010
A selection of the writers on their way to Gothenburg. Source:

…and I am not there!

Afrika 2010 is this year’s book fair in Gothenburg, Sweden – this year with an Africa theme. There will be African writers, Swedish kulturtanter or “culture ladies” (this concept should probably be its own blog post), African publishers, world class artist Dobet Gnahore, a few of my friends and books, books, books!

You who are there, enjoy for me too!

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  1. And enjoy for me too! I found myself getting more and more anxious as we’ve gotten closer to D-day, as I love bokmassan! Will just have to experience it vicarious through blogs.

  2. Yes, its a pain to be so far away, especially this year! Let me know when you find some juicy blog reports!