Stressful Sunday

Now the world is spinning too fast.

Grading, art project, did you see my email? contract, research, graduation,  lunches, Google conference, malaria. Twice. (hope its gone).

And tomorrow evening I am supposed to fly out of Ghana for a long vacation. Seven weeks. Lazy days. Newspapers and coffee. Dinner with long lost friends. Hugging my parents. Surfing on fast, fast broadband. Speaking Swedish. Being one in the crowd.

My plan is to keep posting here on my summer. Hope you are ready for vacation!

But before the lazy days – am I ready? What shoes should I wear? Do I have a gift for my sister? Did I read your email? Where’s my phone charger?

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  1. A full schedule, then. I thought you were already gone. Well, go and recharge and come back soon. You’re needed here too.