Blossoming Sweden

syren smell flowers

Good morning!

I have now woken up in Sweden for the first time in over a year.

I just had a true Swedish breakfast, inclusive of A-fil, leverpastejsmörgås med inlagd gurka and coffee of course.

It is the weirdest feeling, I feel excited about everything…from the blossoming surroundings to how a down cover feels on my body. From speaking Swedish, playing with words to drinking a glass of water – from the tap! At the same time, everything is so familiar. I am in my element. Well taken care of by my family.

Now I will take a Swedish shower and then take a walk at the sunny streets of Malmö.

See you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Some blossoming pics from today’s city walk.

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  1. Oj, såg nu att mitt svar inte “fastnat” här. Får försöka igen Tack för (avundsjuk) hälsning, Sverige är underbart…:-) men så kallt att typ allt i min garderob är oandvändbart…Swedish summer!!! Kram!

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