Autumnal Equinox, Plenty Wahala and Orange Moon

When life spins to fast, piles are gathering and there is plenty wahala it helps to remember how small we are. Not in a bad way, not small-insignificant, just small-relatively…I think you know what I mean…

I like to look at the sky – moon and stars – to calm me down. The whole thing started with a visit to the Ghana Planetarium. (Or maybe it has always been with me? )

Today, I was informed by a friend from the planetarium that we are approaching the autumnal equinox that comes with a special moon, sometimes called the harvest moon. However, I din’t really see it. I stayed until late in town, lights everywhere (I believe they call it “light pollution”) and I could not quite figure out if we in the southern hemisphere really see the same thing, plus it was cloudy. So I went for Erykah Badu‘s Orange moon instead.

How good it is…

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