>First Gear

>So today I enrolled with a driving school here in Ghana. My goal is to sometime next year be able to navigate between goats and Mercedes-Benzes, yellow taxicabs and banana sellers. The registration was surprisingly smooth – I payed the fees ($200) and handed over five (5) pass port sized pictures and got a report card for fifteen driving lessons to start with along with the theory course and a textbook, an exercise book and a notebook.

Then the theory class started, with me as the only student! My inspiring teacher Justice talked me through the roadsigns one by one in preparation for the “interview” later this week where I will be orally questioned by the roads authorities about the roadsigns before I get the go ahead to start practice driving.

If only it was this easy to enroll with the University of Ghana…Right now I am experiencing some time consuming shuffling around – “Oh, then you need to go to the registrar’s office and buy the forms”, “You come back later”, “You need to go back and get a go ahead from that department”, and “I can’t promise anything, just go back to the registrar”. It seems like the first test to pass is one of endurance.

I’ll keep you posted on both my educations in progress.

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