Did President Mahama Go Too Far? State of the Nation 2014 #SOTNGhana

Screenshot 2014-02-28 11.30.30This week, the Ghanaian mediascape was cluttered with comments about the state of the nation address, held on Tuesday. All well and good. The problem was, most commentators were upset about the light tone of the speech, at a time that is hard for the wo/man on the street.

See for instance CitiFM or InformGhana‘s storify-summaries of the discussions on Twitter.

Read the whole State of the Nation address here on the presidency website.

Interestingly, my last post here on the blog was on Ghanaian political humor and I personally felt the president just “joined the grammar” (“Mr. Speaker, who said ‘Tweaa’?”) and spoke about politics in the most Ghanaian way possible, with some jokes and a hearty laughter.

But clearly, I was in minority. Most commentators sighed (or even booed) and said that our politicians have lost touch with the reality on ground. What do you think?


Pic borrowed from InformGhana, BloggingGhana’s new project.

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  1. A little more seriousness and less light-heartedness from the parliamentarians, please.

  2. Yes I agree with you Kajsa that the humour used by President Mahama in his State of Nation address is not out of place. I think we Ghanaians take things too seriously when it is politics so much so that there is no room for humour. I disagreed with the so-called opinion leaders who chastised the president for daring to inject humour into his state of Nation address. We as Ghanaians need to loosen up a bit when it comes to politics. The acrimonious nature of our politics does not help anyone. If human can contribute to making our politics less acrimonious I am all for it. I think President Mahama needs to be commended rather condemned.