Ghanaian Funeral Coincidence

This weekend I went to Takoradi for a funeral. I have been to quite a few funerals since I moved to Ghana. However this time,  I was invited to the funeral and my husband accompanied me.

As usual for a Ghanaian funeral, it was a multi-day event for hundreds and hundreds of people, but being closer to the bereaved family, I saw more nuances, had more people to ask and hence understood slightly more than I have before.

This picture is from having a snack on the roadside after the burial. By chance, the newspaper that is wrapped around the smoking hot charcoal-grilled plantains on this day happened to be the Obituary section…

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  1. Lol, contrasts. We have so much respect for the dead and yet so little respect too. I do not like funerals – more because of the crowds and multiple events than the fact that there’s been a death.

  2. Thanks for your comment, NY. Funerals in Ghana are indeed complex and puzzling…filled with contrasts. This might lend itself to more posts…

  3. Funerals in ghana have spawned a whole new lexicon, including funeral tourism! Truth be told, it’s worthy of a thesis!:-))

  4. i want Ghanaian articles on funerals.can u help me.especially from Prof.asare opoku and others

  5. Hi, thanks for your comment. I am no funeral expert, but try Google scholar and I am sure you will find some interesting stuff!