My 80 m2 Dream House

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As my two year rent is coming up next year (yes, paying rent in bulk in Ghana is common), I have recently been daydreaming about building a simple home that I could call my own for that amount (and yes, likely a lil’bit more).

Recent daydreaming coupled with surfing led me to the following tantalizing  “High Design/Low Budget” site describing My Life in 80MQ2 (although the budget aspect is debated in this blog comment thread). With well thought through design allowing for spacious entertaining areas as well as two baths, a separate kitchen, an upstairs bedroom with a walk-in-closet, a laundry room and a terrace attached to the kitchen this house has it all! (ok, maybe not a guest room, but could you not sleep on that couch?).

Alas this week I am dreaming about having my friends over for dinner parties/ waking up / drinking coffee / storing my fabulous Ghanaian dresses / in this stylish, sustainable, compact living house.

A room of my own…

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  1. Know the feeling of dreaming about all those things (and brunches…and picking out the perfect espresso machine to go in my new kitchen, the daydreaming list goes on and on), *sigh*.

    Let’s hope some time in the next year or two we are both in our dream homes.