Ghana-Time and Clifford Owusu

The other day I wrote a tweet about how Ghana-time is not always coming late…

I think it has been one of my most retweeted tweets ever. However, not at all as popular as Ghanaian YouTube comedian Clifford Owusu’s latest clip – which has been watched 250 000 times. I can understand why …


If you want to know more about Clifford Owusu, OkayAfrica recently did a nice interview with him. He talked about his motivation:

– Honestly, I really do enjoy just making people happy—that’s really it, no other motive. That’s what inspires me. I like to see people smile. Do you know how powerful a person is that can people smile? They can get whatever they want.

Happy holidays!

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Headphones in Sweden

Headphones Top Earcups

When I am away from Sweden, things change.

One year, I came back and everybody was wearing ugly glasses. Last year, when I came back, cash was suddenly not an option when riding the bus (you buy an SMS ticket or charge some kind of top up card). This year, I came back and wherever I looked, people were walking around sporting oversized, colorful headphones – like they were DJ:ing a rave party.

It looks ridiculous – really, are you a grown up walking around with purple, giant disks over your ears while doing errands in town?

It is very anti-social – hello, excuse me do you know where I can..? (response: blank stare plus head-bobbing).

It is strange – you go to town to…listen to your favorite song?

But then a month passes and actually no one talks to me anyways, it is pretty cold, especially for my ears and my favorite song is just very good when walking from the bus.

Where can I get a pair of hot-pink, big-ass headphones?



Image borrowed from here.


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Passport Photos in Ghana

In Ghana, you always need passport photos. You need them at the bank, at your workplace, to get your health insurance, for all educational applications and of course at Immigration.  

Often you need two photos, or sometimes three. So when you go do passport photos at the photographer, the normal deal is no less than eight photos!

Can you believe my 11 month-old daughter already have a pile of her own photos? Anyways, I recently ran out of my own passport photos and went to do another bunch. Yep, eight little Kajsa’s (for 6GHC or 3 USD) are now in my pocket (and illustrating this post).

Oh, no wait! Already, the photos are down to seven!


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An Enjoyable Read, You Say?

 As an adfree and *ahem* somewhat popular blogger you sometimes get emails from people hoping to do business with you. However when the email starts like this, I feel like they haven’t really read my work…

Hi Kajsa,

I just finished reading your post , ‘Bus Mass Rape in Kintampo Never Happened’ and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Or what say you?

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Democracy in Africa – In Brief (and in Jest)

Got this funny computer language explanation of the democratic developments in Africa via Accra Books and Things (in an email!) who got it through the very useful, and in this instance entertaining, H-AFRICA H-NET emailing list (H stands for humanities) who in turn credited Derrick Chekwe.

Anyway, here it is:

DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA Program installation:
EGYPT:  100% Complete…

LYBIA: Downloading…

ALGERIA: Downloading…

IVORY COAST:  60% [Alert: Virus-Gbagbo detected_Trojan Horse-Ouattarra in Quarantine]

CONGO: Connection lost since 1997

NIGERIA: Starting Connection

ZIMBABWE: 404 Error – Server not found

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Paradise Island for Sale

For you who like drooling over real estate here is a very special one from Ghana:

How about your own 27 acre paradise island?

Sandy beaches, safe swimming and fishing in Lake Volta, pleasure boat cruising, bird watching and both  “adventure and therapeutic” is promised by the excited seller.

I say “adventure and therapeutic” on a paradise island close to Ada Foah is exactly what I need for x-mas! If you buy this island, please remember where you read it first!

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