Swedish Bitters in Ghana

The doctor asked, can you get hold of Swedish bitters?

The older woman smiled. Yes, she said, I believe I can. Then she picked up her phone and called me.

After visiting three pharmacies, I found it. Made in Ghana.

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  1. Been meaning to comment on this because some time ago I found the authentic Swedish Bitters somewhere unusually random and rather convenient, but couldn’t remember where. Well, I just did (with a little help from my mum)! In our very own Evergreen supermarket!!! It was in the first aisle, shelves on the right (where you’ll find pasta and baking ingredients), as you are getting to the end, after the baking ingredients and essences. How strange is that?! Let me know if they still stock it!

  2. Haha, will do! Have actually promised my special someone the REAL DEAL!

  3. Yes Swedish Bitters is available here in Ghana. Am a medical student, but I prefer to be on swedish betters than any other due to its emense benefits. Contact me if you really need it…..tchau…..

  4. Swedish Bitters was introduced into Ghana by a Mr HOSEA AWUMEE-QUIST who brought some Australian Doctors in on its Introduction into the country.

    There have been lots of herbal outlets now selling it but one needs to sure they get the real stuff.

    As you know, GHANAIANS copy without researching.

    Suffice to say a lot of inputs determine if you have the right stuff.

    Email me and I will give you all the relevant information for free.