Paradise Island for Sale

For you who like drooling over real estate here is a very special one from Ghana:

How about your own 27 acre paradise island?

Sandy beaches, safe swimming and fishing in Lake Volta, pleasure boat cruising, bird watching and both  “adventure and therapeutic” is promised by the excited seller.

I say “adventure and therapeutic” on a paradise island close to Ada Foah is exactly what I need for x-mas! If you buy this island, please remember where you read it first!

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  1. So, assuming there’s roughly 8 plots per acre, then this 27-acre island is about $6.5m? I think I’ll pass for now.

  2. Aw, Mike! Imagine the swimming and fishing you could do! A very short term lease might be possible…like 3 hours…haha

  3. Guaranteeing that the land is actually theirs to sell/lease may be the hard part…

  4. That IS a tough one, but THE hard part? Does this mean you have the money to buy the island, Fiona? Please lend me some!! 😉