My story up on the PhD Career Stories Podcast

Kajsa is holding a mic.
Photo: OP studios

Do you want to know…. what a morning in my home office sounds like?

What I did when I wanted to quit the PhD program?

How activism and teaching are very good companions to research?

…and what I did after completing my dissertation and finally sleeping properly again?

Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Tune into my story on the PhD Career Stories Podcast.

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1 Comment

  1. It was an insightful read especially as I am considering a PhD. The most important point I picked up is the fact that social support plays a crucial role. And then now I am thinking, well maybe if I don’t have two babies during the period, it might really not be that stressful??(That’s just on the lighter side).
    Thank you very much Kajsa for sharing your story I am inspired by your strength and resilience.