>Ashesi Awarded Again! Microsoft Alumni Foundation 2009 Integral Fellow

It seems Ashesi Founder Patrick Awuah is on a winning streak – This week, he was honored with the 2009 Integral Fellow Award by his former employer, Microsoft. See press release here and finalist video above.

The mission of the award is

to catalyze the collective power of the Microsoft alumni and leverage our resources on innovative, scalable, transformative solutions to our world’s challenges. Integral Fellows serve as that catalyst, sharing their stories of struggle, success, and inspiration.

Even though I am not particularly a fan of Microsoft, I must say it really impresses me to hear about them having an “alumni” foundation. It is something very modern about a company suggesting that employees will at some point “graduate”, not quit (or stay the rest of their working lives). So far, none of my former workplaces have considered me an alum – but I guess they should. I still care about what is going on where I have spent thousands of productive hours and I owe much of my success to what I have learned with them – and I guess it reflects well on them too when I do well elsewhere.

Is this the new work market we see unfolding?

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