Inflation: the word on Sarkodie’s lips ( and everybody else’s)

“Times are hard!”
“It’s someway bi!”
“Chale, where do I start?”

In a recent blogpost, I narrowed the political situation in Ghana down to rampant inflation.

I wanted to explain how inflation makes life hard, how trust in money is related to (lower) life quality for Ghanaians but Sarkodie beat me to it with this rant:

Worth highlighting is how FEW (fuel, electricity and water) problems have not been solved, inflation quickly become serious for the poorest.

What I maybe miss in Sark’s angry rap is the good aspects of inflation, long term they are there! It allows Ghanaian companies to compete with formerly cheap imports making Ghana a producing country again. It makes Ghana cheap for tourists. It makes remittances from relatives abroad last a little longer. Hopefully.

Is inflation on your lips?