BloggingGhana Social Media Hub: Thoughts

Earlier this year, I wrote about our decision to move forward with an office and a “hub” for social media activities, and now a few months into the year, we are about to move in!

The ride hasn’t exactly been smooth, and I think my colleagues and I have learned a lot. But sometimes you just have to take that leap – will we land safely? I thank all supporters so far.

This week, we are reaching out to potential partners and friends of the organisation to be able to focus on the longterm sustainability of the project. Tech companies, organizations, embassies and people we have identified as interested in what we do have been contacted and we have visited two and will hopefully see more of them next week.

I think meeting with friends of the organisation has been a very rewarding experience so far for the organisation, and for me personally. When things get rough on the short term, we often forget the longterm perspective.

The longterm vision could definitely be a place where social media professionals are trained, events thought up and planned as well as new bloggers see the light of day. At a meeting on Sunday, one of our members dreamed:

“In three years, we will laugh at the difficulties we had and say it was lucky we pressed ahead…” 

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