BloggingGhana proudly presents: The Social Media Awards

Screenshot 2014-03-23 20.28.16Last year, BloggingGhana launched the BloggingGhana Social Media Awards for the very first time – highlights included the American ambassador speaking (with Best Blog winner Nana Darkoa Sekyama above), sassily dressed crowd and glossy plaques …

Now it is time again! The difference this time is that he HYPE IS UP! BlogCamp has opened ticketing (get yours here for free) and people are going wild! Voting is in full swing and we have gotten emails and phone calls from upset people who had expected a nomination!

This time I am also nominated under best female blog, see all finalists here. However, I have dual feelings about it. I am not sure my blog is very female or that as a founder of the organization that organizes the prize it is even ethical to run (I have nothing to do with the voting process, so maybe its fine?)

Anyways because of this, I am not going to say: VOTE FOR ME! But I am going to say, VOTE FOR SOMEBODY  before the deadline, Wed 26th March, 2014! Follow this link to vote. 

The Social Media Awards take place after the BlogCamp at AITI-KACE, Accra on Saturday April 12, 2014. Find all info here. If you want to sponsor the event, find details here.




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