Blogger of the Week : Kajsa HA!

This week, I am featured as BloggingGhana‘s Blogger of the Week, BOW for short. So what does being BOW entail?

Well, first of all, it is a highly prestigeous nomination! I am only the third blogger in Ghana to be granted this honor! Earlier BOWs are Nana Darkoa/Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women and Ato/Mighty African. It involves the group highlighting my blog on their Facebook page and on Twitter (@BloggingGhana), sharing selected blog posts (so far, they have picked up on when I saw Obama and a very special love story). I will also contribute with a post on why I blog and on Friday, there is a live “Twitterview” where questions people have posted on Facebook or Twitter will be put to me!

What would you like to ask me?


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