A Word from Late President Mills’ Son: Samuel Atta Mills

For the first time (that I am aware of anyways), our late president Mills’ son, Samuel Atta Mills, talks to media about his father, their relationship and his own ambitions in life.

He debunks the idea of that his relationship with “Prof” was strained and says he respects his stepmother and talks about his year living in the castle! He is a well spoken young man who towards the end of the interview does not decline he has political ambitions of his own…

The interview for BBC’s Outlook is a good one, but I wonder why he never (or did he? Please correct me if I am wrong) talked to Ghanaian media if he felt Ghanaians had the wrong understanding about his family?

Listen here.


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1 Comment

  1. I listened to the interview and I think it is a good one. He didn’t speak to the Ghanaian media probably because of the fear of being misquoted. If you can recollect in the interview he mentioned the fact that the Ghanaian press were saying he has dropped out of school and begging for money on the streets of London when he was at the time living at the Castle with his dad. This is the cause of the seeming distrust of the Ghanaian media which he attributed to “what politics does”. If he does come full circle to decide that he wants to get involved in politics to continue his father’s legacy then he will have no choice but to speak to the Ghanaian media.