Yes, You in Front of the Screen

I have noticed I have plenty of new readers on my blog! Welcome! Akwaaba! Välkommen! Now, who are you?

My statistics are regretfully not so clear, so I have to guess why traffic on this blog is up from an average of around 50 viewers per day to well over 1500 (!). I am guessing this has something to do with my new career as a TV host in Ghana?

Or was the interview on Swedish radio last week with a link to this blog from their website?

Maybe it is all my new students wanting to check out their new teacher?

Or did my this blog’s brand new look, courtesy of some recent hackers, make thousands of you flock here?

If you are new here, please let me know! Drop a line in the comment box below:

  1. Who are you and
  2. Where did you hear about me and this blog?

Thanks for helping me soothe my curiosity and do come back soon!