Ghana’s President in Sweden, Sweden’s Minister of Trade in Ghana

Right now, Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama is in Sthockholm cohosting the GAVI alliance meeting for immunization and next week the Swedish Minister for Trade, Annie Lööf, will be coming to Ghana.

John Dramani Mahama

In the photo, minister Lööf and president Mahama. Photo borrowed from the Swedish government website/ Martina Huber.

The president is in Stockholm to campaign for vaccines for all children. Ghana is an “Immunization Champion” and have a strong track-record on immunizations. From the website of GAVI:

“As an innovative global health partner, GAVI is committed to promoting the health of children through immunisation and this must be commended”, President Mahama stated in a meeting with Ms. Evans.

He further observed that, “GAVI deserves the support of all leaders desirous of building healthier communities. I pledge my unflinching support as an Immunisation Champion to enable GAVI achieve its noble objectives.”

The Swedish minister comes to Ghana with a trade delegation including Ericsson, ABB, Atlas Copco, Sandvik och Eltel, continuing on the visit three years ago with the then Minister of Trade Ewa Bjorling. The minister is also following up on her favorite issues: innovation and womens’ leadership. She will visit a local innovation hub, Meltwater, and talk to Ghana’s minister of foreign affairs, Hanna Tetteh about women in politics, according to her schedule (only in Swedish).

Granted, these two news items are suitable for a Swedish/Ghanaian blog. But this time, there are more connections! Last week, I saw Mahama at the ICAS13 conference , my daughter got immunized and next week I have been invited to meet with Annie Lööf ! Report to follow.

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10 Ideas for Africa

If you have any ideas on how to improve the continent, now is the time to put them on paper. UNESCO is calling for “ideas” to be presented in Paris in mid-June, see this call for 10 ideas for Africa.

The way to go about is it to choose a topic (UNESCO have provided the 10 to chose from, see below) and brainstorm out of there. I was most interested in Topic 1, 2 and 3 as they relate to my interests – new information technologies, policy and leadership, migration.

Each proposal is expected to develop one idea which would amplify the positive effects and reduce, or contain, the negative impacts of the major trends observed in Africa on one of the 10 following topics:

Topic 1: Economy and Development (Environment, Food Security, New Information and Communication Technologies…)
Topic 2: Governance, Policy, Institutions, Leadership
Topic 3: Regional Integration, Population, Migration, Urbanization
Topic 4: Cultural Identities (Languages, Religions…)
Topic 5: Youth
Topic 6: Human Rights, Gender and Justice
Topic 7: Diaspora
Topic 8: Peace, Security and Conflict
Topic 9: Health, Education and Social Development
Topic 10: International Relations

It seems like the perk for writing down your idea in less than 1000 words is the trip to Paris. Yeah, and a venue for spreading your BEST IDEA for THE CONTINENT!
Deadline is April 30th 2010.

What Topic would you choose?

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Active Weekend: TEDx YouthInspire

Tomorrow Saturday, an independent TED event for young people is taking place at the AITI-KACE. As a lover of TED videos (see two of my favorites to the right here on my blog), I am looking forward to it!

The ambitious theme and goal of the one day event is:

TEDxYouthInspire will use the theme “A Good Head & A Good Heart“, taken from a quote by former South African President Nelson Mandela, to exhibit how extraordinary youth leaders combine radical thought and integrity of spirit to set in motion unlimited possibilities for a brighter future.

I am proud to say several Ghanablogging bloggers are taking part in the organization of this event, for instance MacJordan, Gameli and Edward.

As I am above 25 years of age, I had to ask special permission to come…Still, I hope to see you there!

Full program here (pdf). More info here.

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