>Developing Blogging – Leaving Blogger for WordPress

>Let me share some Sunday thoughts about developing my blog. My ideas so far are:
I want to

  • graduate from the idea of only writing positive things about Ghana into telling my personal stories, related to Ghana or not, being uplifting or not.
  • be able to express myself better though the design of my blog, so leaving blogger and moving to wordpress.org is an option.
  • refresh the look of my blog to inspire myself (and possibly others as well).
  • show my readers I am serious about blogging.
  • add new categories of content.
  • change its name and URL into something simpler (I tried on the new name “Urban Africa” some time ago here, but wasn’t satisfied with it).

…and soon I’ll tell you more.

What do you think? Does the name of a blog matter? How it looks? How its posts are categorized? What topics it presents? What URL it has?

Pic: Climbing higher.

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