A DayatDVLA: Update (spoiler: my license is ready!)

file-2016-09-30-13-22-54The other day, I was back at DVLA.

Here is an update:

  1. I now have my license! The DVLA head actually called me to say it was ready. How do I understand this – personal service instead of public improvements?
  2. I was told my articles were seen by the DVLA boss(!) and after reading them online he called the Tema office (!!) asking “What is happening?” (one of my articles were mysteriously reposted on GhanaWeb, see here).
  3. My earlier visits had equipped the Tema office with some gravitas, for instance Mr. Osei-Bio reported he had taken to opportunity when the DVLA head called to ask my question “why are licenses not printed here?”
  4. The information sound message was now back.
  5. I was told about general renovation and new signboard planned. I am to follow up.
  6. Still no prices posted on walls. I sent a WhatsApp about this to Mr Osei-Bio.

In conclusion, I think I will continue to follow Tema DVLA. I would love to hear of anyone else “adopts” a state agency, makes friends, and follow their updates to better service.

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