Update: #DayatDVLA

In April, I went to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority in Tema and wrote a report about my visit and my issues. This week, I returned.

I was hoping to meet the boss Mr Lamptey to follow up on my concerns and suggestions. At my last visit I wrote a complaint letter where in brief I had written:

Operations of DVLA is very difficult to understand for customers…It would be helpful if there were:

  • a central reception
  • signs and step-by-step instructions
  • personel wore uniforms or at least name tags
  • fees were clearly pasted on the wall (online only vehicle licensing fees are available, not drivers’ licensing fees).

However, Mr Lamptey had been transferred and in his place Mr Osei-Bio sat. I told him my errand and he calmly and kindly responded to my concerns. My thank you email to him captures the highlights of our conversation:

Dear Mr Osei-Bio,

Thank you for seeing me today and listening to my complaints. I was happy to hear you are revisiting the issue of improved customer information to starve the market for “connection men”. It was also good to hear that at the end of next month, new card printing machines will be in and the long waiting time for licenses will be a thing of the past.

Please see my blogpost on the April visit here:

Again, thank you for your time and your patience in hearing one of your customers out
Best wishes,

I promptly got a response:

My dear thanks for your concern as our customer .We have some challenges with our printing machines but we are acquiring new ones so hopefully your next visit you will see improvement.

I now feel like I have adopted DVLA Tema and I will not let go until I see improvement. Are you willing to adopt a government agency today?

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