The Next Big Thing: Adomaa

Among dumsor and awards, a new Ghanaian star is rising on the dark sky. Adomaa is a young singer who has become a YouTube phenomenon with two well-produced videos.

The first one is chronicling the history of Ghanaian music (seen by 7800 at this moment).

The second one a single of her own*, a mash-up between a StoneBwoy cover, Baafira, plus a Sarkodie feat. (the late) Castro song, Adonai, that sounds a bit like Asaa or Efya, but with a more Ghanaian beat and a few more “alleluia’s” in there…(seen by 18 000 at time of writing)

My friends who know music are terribly excited and, I have to say after watching the videos, I feel it too, Adomaa could be the next big thing from Ghana!

Find Adomaa on SoundCloud and YouTube.

*Edit thanks to someone who ehum, knows the Gh music scene and has me on speed dial, thank you!

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