Carry Me Home: Gotland, Sweden

This video is an advert for vacation on the island where I am from, Gotland. As you can guess it means good land. The advertising concept is the same as last few years: Gotland is so diverse, a vacation is like a world tour! Scotland? Greece? Kenya? Jamaica?

Regardless if you agree, seeing so many familiar vistas brings a smile to my face. The film also portrays dreamy moments such as the ones we hope for when we think of vacation: sun kissed faces, skips¬†into blue water, road trips filled with laughter, delicious meals and orange sunsets – less of the crying kids due to hunger and poor planning, water too cold to swim in, arguments with family, expensive and drab food you had to queue for, cursing when you lost your way to the beach and arriving only when the party is over…

Still, it is a beautiful film and it makes me clinch the printout of this year’s ticket home. Or around the world.¬†

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