Research Thoughts

…are the thoughts I am having right now as I am a guest researcher at the Nordic Africa Institute this month. Much goes along the lines of:

  • How do I operationalize my messy theory section into something that can be tested?
  • When do I find the time to re-read a methodology book like VanderStoep and Johnson 2009?
  • Should I move Chapter 4 to just after the introduction?
  • Do I need to redo my focus group coding in Dedoose?
  • What is a (free) alternative for SPSS? (PSPP it turns out. Tried SOFA too and loved the interface, but cannot do regressions with it?)
  • Where did my morning go?
  • What exactly should I put across during my research seminar on June 25th?

In between thinking such thoughts I drink much coffee, wander in the Botanical garden outside my window and talk about the same stuff over long lunches and dinners with friends.

Yes, life could definitely be worse.

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