Kofi Annan’s Memoir and Other Biographies

Today, I went to the launch of Kofi Annan’s memoir, “Interventions, A life in war and peace”. I tried to tweet from the event, but had some problems with my network. Hence, I’d like to share my twitter reports here.

Before I do, I must confess I stayed until the end of the program to get my hands on a copy. I love memoirs. It is something special about a “true story”. Especially when told by a successful member of the community. Reading their story is like getting a moment to converse with them. Last it was President Mahama. Today it is Kofi Annan. Who’s next? If you are thinking about doing me the honor, check out this free online creative writing course that discusses, among other things, how to write a memoir.

Did I get the book? No, it quickly sold out. I guess I am not the only one loving memoirs…

Here to my reporting from the evening:









  If you have read all the way here, thanks for your patience! By the way, did I tell you about when I invited Kofi Annan and his Swedish wife Nane to our wedding? No? Well, I guess that is a story for my biography!

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  1. I was a little frustrated at not being able to buy a copy at the function, especially as I saw the table with them when I came in. Plus double frustration at EPP this morning at finding they were all sold out! Poor counter staff; they were really getting flack, and I heard at least one other customer really lashing in at them! So we had to write our names down to see what happens! Sigh…

  2. Oh, no! Yes, why would they not anticipate a HUGE interest in Ghana for this book? I don’t get it…

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