My plans for 2013

In 2013, there is plenty to do. I have set my mind on:

  • Moving houses
  • Collecting data for my dissertation
  • Seing snow
  • Celebrating my child’s second birthday
  • Fusing social and traditional media in an interesting project
  • Starting a company with two friends
  • But first: marking another 10 papers…

I am grateful I can plan all of these things, but alas, one never knows. Life is short.

What are your plans for the new year?

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  1. Kajsa, thats a lot of plans for 2013. If you have to see snow in 2013 then it will have to be either Jan, Feb, Nov or Dec 2013 unless you can manufacture snow in Ghana. For me my goals are to visit Ghana at least twice this year and to establish a business in Ghana. I also want to complete my MBA and perhaps find permanent job either in Ghana or the US. It will be nice to start a blog but I am not a writer and I am afraid I will run out of ideas unless I find a niche area where I can blog about regularly. May we all fulfill our plans for 2013.

  2. Yes, you too have plenty plans! I think a “Iam thinking about starting a business in Ghana”-blog would be a great one! Many are thinking the same and just following your experience might be interesting to them. Plus, you’d have your book already written about the experience when you become successful 🙂 Thanks for being a great regular reader and commentor in 2012!

  3. Kajsa, what business do you want to start in Ghana if you don’t mind me asking?. I want to start a tour company promoting Ghana as a favourable tourist destination and designing services that will attract customers to Ghana. I am bit nervous about it because electicity is currently not stable in Ghana. However, I am hoping that in 2013 a permanent solution is found to this problem of power ration. In addition to this I will like to explore other business ideas that I can start in Ghana.

    Is it not only two years ago you were house hunting and now you are it again!? I hope you are able to find a decent accomodation at a reasonable price. Finding a decent accomodation with manageable rent is quite a challenge in Accra. Most of the decent accomodation charge rents in thousands of dollars a month not forgetting the ubiquitous rent advance landlords demand in Ghana. Any way all the best in your search.