What to Bring from Sweden

I have been quiet here for a while, mainly because I am starting to say goodbye to life here in Sweden. As a part of that process, I have to decide what to take with me from Sweden to Ghana.

My first year in Ghana, that list was quite long. Edibles like kaviar, nyponsoppa, knäckebröd, and then loads of books formed a substantial part of my luggage. With time, the list has grown leaner both because I have learned to live without certain items (kaviar, nyponsoppa), but also because many items can now be bought in Ghana (knäckebröd, for instance – I buy the Ryvita bread at any supermarket).

This time, I am traveling with a Kindle in my bag, so most of the books I’d like to read carry no physical weight. (I’m still in awe, isn’t this amazing?)

This year, I think the list is down to:

  • Cheese and Coffee – the amounts and qualities I need cannot be found within my budget in Ghana
  • Swedish candy (Although, now I can apparently order it from Candy from Sweden)
  • Swedish Home Decor magazines (with that special blend of Scandinavian design and IKEA).

But of course, what I most want to take with me, I can’t. In my case – my Swedish family and then the bandwidth…

What do you have to bring from home when you travel?

Pic from Candy from Sweden

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  1. How did you know, Nina? 🙂 I suspect she has the two big bags with 23 kg each and my clothes and things take up the baby bag of 10 kg…

  2. Before going to Ghana i go to Ikea to get some household items. And this time i brought alot of solar empowered equipment such as chargers, garden lights and even a watersystem that purifies and heats water by the help of the sun. Im sure they will come to use since electricity is unreliable in my area. Wish u a pleasant journey!

  3. Thanks Amira for your comment. I have also gotten those lamps! IKEA and other companies should explore the market for such items in Africa. The water system sounds great!

  4. I’m not so much the “bring things back with me to my new home” as much as I am the “bring things from my new home to my family” kinda person. I guess you’re going from “third” to “first” world, while I’m doing it the other way around. Ha ha! My mom took from Germany to Colombia the following items: beer, “wurst”, herrings, other types of canned fish, mustard, gummy bears and napkins. WTF on the napkins, right??