>"Happy and Hopeful"

> I had my 15 seconds of fame yesterday when I ran in to BBC World Service’s David Amanor at the event in Accra celebrating the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. Among popcorn, fresh bottled juices, Obama souvenirs and a crowd exceeding 500 people we found a quiet(er) corner.

Just minutes before he was sworn in, my African-American friend Janet talked about how emotional she felt, my Ghanaian friend Mankye analyzed Obama’s popularity in Ghana and to finish the Ghanaian segment off, Amanor suggested this is not only an event that had importance for African-Americans and Africans, introduced me and let me say a few words on how I felt. “Happy and Hopeful” I rejoiced.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the program as a podcast, so you just have to trust me on this one, and see the photographic evidence above.

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