Planning the Autumn: New Directions

Yellow leaves on Tree, Lempdes

It is September and I am back on the blog. Over the summer, I decided to take an extended social media break after reading rhetoric expert Elaine Eksvärd’s post about being present with family (in Swedish). So I was just that: present. With the family I moved apartments, we went on a little trip, swam in Stockholm’s many water bodies and played many rounds of cards!

But now the air is crisp and some leaves are turning yellow, kids are in school and I am back behind the keyboard, working, and planning the autumn. Being a teacher at heart, this time of year smells of new beginnings, new possibilities, and “bouquets of sharpened pencils” as it was phrased in the film “You’ve Got Mail”. To top it off, my PostDoc at NAI is coming to an end in December so I am also planning for the next stage of my career. Probably more on that in another blog post soon!

Speaking of my workplace, we are now back in the office one day a week and that feels somehow perfect. The Covid-19 pandemic meant we were fully Working From Home and although that saved me a pretty long commute, I do miss having a workplace and colleagues. One day a week is perfect for fitting important meetings, water-cooler-small-talk — without feeling constantly on the hamster-wheel like commuting sometimes do.

For this fall, I am continuously working on the project The Space and Role of Political Science in the Evolving Democratic Transformation in Africa – right now on two papers: the first is about curriculum development in some selected African universities’ political science departments and the second on bibliometric data or research output in the social sciences in our case countries.

In addition to that, I have listed the papers I want to finish from other projects (read: the dissertation), the books I want to read (and maybe write a few book reviews?), the people I want to meet, even if by a 2m distance, the food I want to cook (this time of year is so food-fantastic!), and the blog and Instagram posts I want to share.

A few weeks ago, I did not think this feeling would come, but here it is: I am welcoming the autumn and all that comes with it!

What are your autumn plans?

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  1. Thank you Kajsa for sharing. I love your insights on new beginnings, the feeling of autumn, and even the fact that you are suggesting, and sharing, about your evolution as an individual and this is where the bone, for me is. A lot of times we stifle our own growth, standing still, saying we can’t be this, or can not do that, even when the burden we are carrying is not light. Your blog once again reminds me to let go of some things I have been carrying, to stretch, taking it from someone like you that I have met, and that I respect deeply. Your sharing and journey means a lot to me, but I’m sure, also several others… It is a reminder to take life with perspective, and unburden, loosen up, or mourn whenever we have to, so we allow the new us to breed. I’m learning and growing, your inspiring and teaching. Thank you so much Kajsa!

  2. Thanks, Betty for this lovely comment! Indeed life is a journey of learning for all of us – no one has all the answers. Happy to hear you are learning, growing, and still reading my blog after all these years! <3