Daydreaming Heaven with Elsa on the island of Gotland

Ohhh! I just discovered one of Sweden’s most prolific lifestyle bloggers, Elsa Billgren, has bought a summer cottage on Gotland, the island I am from in Sweden.

This means I can get real-time, high-quality photos of my alternative life (should I have been a successful blogger/decorator/celeb). Elsa recounts her second-hand shopping, cottage decorating, fantastic family life, divine dinners with friends, charming garden ideas, professional DIY-projects with beautiful photos to go with. It is the absolute heaven for daydreaming!

An example isĀ this post which highlights a perfect day in the adorable town of Visby. I mean, this is for instance exactly what I would have eaten…

(butter fried fish at Bakfickan with lingonberry jam and mash)


These are the very cobble stones on which I would have walked, dressed in loose jeans or something striped…

(old town Visby, S:t Hansgatan)


…and this is absolutely where I would have gone to do my shopping, ok, window shopping.


I am so happy and grateful. Thank you, Elsa, for bringing all the colors and details of my daydream to me in a convenient blogging format!

Photo credit: Elsa Billgren.

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