Power Problems now affecting Industry in Ghana

Currently, load shedding in Ghana due to short supply of electricity is seriously straining the country: house holds now have full power only 1 day out of 3 and since last week, industries are also affected.

This means life in Ghana is now either very uncomfortable or very expensive. Where I live, one day the power goes off all day 6am-6pm, next day all evening 6pm-midnight or later. Only on the third day we have power. We are fortunate to have a generator, but it is old and consumes much diesel so we try to not use it more than a few hours at a time.

This is of course affecting productivity. No power during the day means no washing of clothes, no emails, no power for the fridge which means no shopping on those days.

No power during the night means tossing and turning in the heat and not getting a good night’s sleep for the next day ahead.

Especially serious is it that industries now also have to share power. This will likely lead to lay-offs and reduced production, investors might look elsewhere and improvements cannot be done as basic terms of business no longer apply.

Then seeing this TV-ad from the election 2012 where the ruling party NDC makes promises to extend electricity to more households and create a steady supply for lie to improve is simply just painful.

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