Sweden Votes 2014: A parliamentary nightmare

Now elections are concluded and “a parliamentary nightmare” ensues as no political block gains a majority of the votes. Although the Socialdemocrats as the biggest party will get to form a government, the situation is tricky. Whatever coalition will be weak – in numbers or likelihood of getting along.

The Sweden Democrats, a relatively new, populist party with reducing immigration as their main election promise, is the big winner of the election and sweeps all most 13% of votes.

The Feminist party doing their second national election was close to getting into the parliament, but came some 0,8% shy.

As a political scientist, elections are always interesting. This one might be a game changer as it breaks up the left and right block to cooperate against the populists.

The result was expected, but still disappointing. The snacks we had bought for the “valvaka” or election night were left in the kitchen. I’m not hungry.

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